The characteristics of the new
Electronic Shelf Labels

Nicolis Project | in-store digital communication EPD-label-Lcon_rail_ Interactivity and Advantages

Barcode frontale

veloce associazione del prodotto


adatta a tutte le soluzioni di fissaggio e compatibile con il sistema di comunicazione bsystem3

Facile sostituzione del cassetto batterie

non perde l’inizializzazione

Massima definizione dei dettagli

piccole grafiche, barcode, QR code

Display grafico e-paper

perfetta leggibilità in tutte le situazioni e angolazioni

Memoria interna

2 Mb di memoria per gestire fino a 200 campi di informazioni

LED con flash a 3 colori

permette di trovare un articolo con velocità

The features of Interactive Shelf Labels

Thanks to ISL and the programmable remote control, it is possible to:
Nicolis Project | in-store digital communication esl_hitag_icon_info-1 Interactivity and Advantages

Request information

on the item reserved for the operator: expiry, start date, end stock etc.

Nicolis Project | in-store digital communication esl_hitag_icon_check-1 Interactivity and Advantages

Conduct checks

to receive confirmation that the activity has been performed; refill, display, start and end promotion, check expiry of products etc.

Nicolis Project | in-store digital communication esl_hitag_icon_invio_comandi-1 Interactivity and Advantages

Send commands

to other device in the sales point to activate promotional messages, posters, register opening notice etc.

This innovative communication tool combines the advantages of digital prices with the specific flexibility and power of the IoT (Internet of Things).

The technology of Interactive Shelf Labels

The communication system on which ISL Electronic shelf labels is based

The communication protocol operates in the range of the 2.4 Ghz frequencies and uses the free transmission space among the 200 proprietary sub-channels.

The infrastructure is scalable for all current and future Electronic shelf labels and allows the system to be “sized” quickly and completely flexibly.

Thanks to the new Heartbeat technology, the electronic label can be managed remotely without the support of the operator.

Transmission system

The features of transmission system

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Fast transmission

the communication infrastructure guarantees fast transmission without interference by positioning itself on selective and free work channels.

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Two-way communication

every label promptly informs the system, ensuring the security of the price displayed and precise control from the base.

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Updating speed

makes it possible to update up to ten times faster than the other ESL solutions.

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Selection of the most appropriate channel

unlike other radio frequency systems, bpoint is able to transmit and update the electronic labels by choosing a preferred frequency free from disturbance.

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Longevity of the batteries

the transmission technology, thanks to the updating methods and the dynamic and reactive communication protocol, permits a considerable savings in the batteries.

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No software to install

it is activated quickly and can be used from any terminal without installing any other software or drive but simply through the browser located on the devices of the sales point.

The heart of Hanshow with 4x selective power

Bpoint is the heart of the Hanshow communication infrastructure for communicating with ISL electronic labels. It operates on standard Wi-Fi and upper free frequencies.

The advantages of bpoint

Transmission through Wi-Fi channels free of interference:

bpoint is able to identify and select the most appropriate channel out of its 200 channels and establish a secure and reliable communication with the electronic label thanks to its 4x selective power.

At least one channel is always listening and ready to react:

bpoint listens and reacts simultaneously over various channels optimizing data transmission. At least one bpoint channel is always listening in order to promptly reaction to the instructions arriving from the ISL Electronic Shelf Label and to ensure complete interactivity with the operators and their activity.

Heartbeat, the technology for managing the label remotely

Thanks to the Heartbeat technology, the label can be managed remotely without and intervention from the operator.

Our visual communication solutions for the point of sale

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Interactive Shelf Labels

electronic shelf labels

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Fastening systems

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Highlighters for shelves

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digital signage