For over 15 years we have revolutionized our sales point with ideas and solutions for interactive digital communication

Nicolis Project is committed to the design of systems for visual communication and information management in the sales point.
We have been developing products since 2002 and offer services to assist the sales point in moving from paper to digital, optimising the processes and improving the consumer’s buying experience.
Thanks to the experience accrued over the years, alongside the major retailers of Italian mass retailing, we have developed a new electronic label concept: no longer a simple digital price but an interactive communication device with the customers, that uses all the potential of the Internet of Things”.
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We therefore expanded our areas of expertise, becoming the research and development centre for ISL (Interactive Electronic Shelf Label ), the new  Electronic Shelf Label produced by Hanshow.
This went hand in hand with the creation and design of a new, revolutionary visual communication system for the sales point, which uses the features of the label improving the promotion of the products: bsystem3.
In addition, we create plastic profiles, fastening and display system, designed to give the labels greater visibility.
As of today, more than 13 patents have been filed which highlight the strong spirit of innovation and the continuous search for excellence.
We are ready for the digital revolution.

the steps of constant evolution

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Importation of the first assembled PC and the technological material



Development of the first SW with web interface and registration of the first patent



The growth path of Nicolis Project begins with the first installations of electronic shelf labels.


First 40 installations of electronic  shelf labels


First large installation of 45,000 ESL in Carrefour Hypermarket



Patent for ALAM (Automatic Label Machine) system of automated labelling for ESL

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First roll-out for the installation of ESL in 42 sales points of the same group


More than one million ESL installed during the year


More than 1.5 million ESL installed and 48% increase in turnover compared to 2014


After 1300 PDV installed and 15 years of experience in the retail market, ISL (Interactive Shelf Label) is born, the Interactive Electronic Shelf Label of the future

Nicolis Project | in-store digital communication etichetta_ESL-XL Who We Are